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Concious Consumerism

Gifting season is upon us and with that comes both online shopping and traditional shopping that carves out a massive carbon footprint. Shoppers will spend more this weekend than any other time of year!

The U.S. Post Office estimates they’ll deliver 15 billion pieces of mail and 900 million packages between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Many of these items will be delivered thanks to the purchasing frenzy from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Customers these days are a passionate bunch: they're passionate about the products they buy and passionate about the brands they buy from. And with two out of every three shoppers now considered to be a 'belief-driven buyer', companies would be wise to take notice, as ignoring the reasons behind conscious consumerism could damage sales and reputations.” - Raconteur

Eco-friendly tips before you hit up the sales. . .

  • My personal fave - gifting experiences or time can serve as alternatives to physical items.

  • Shop local!

  • Donate to a non-profit near and dear to your loved one’s heart in their name.

  • Keep in mind the distance it takes for a product to arrive at your front door or on the shelves.

  • Know that your shipping method will impact how “green” you are - that two day shipping leaves a larger carbon footprint than the slower options because faster shipping requires more diesel-using trucks.

  • Request Bundled Shipping.

  • Try to carpool to the malls - isn’t it more fun to shop with friends anyway?

  • Rural versus Urban delivery and the number of additional drop offs plays a factor.

  • Environmental cost of packaging - keep that in mind.

  • Think long term when purchasing an item.

  • Purchase Carbon Offsets.

  • Buying used products or those made from “upcycled,” or recycled content, helps decrease the resource inputs.

  • It goes without saying - BYOBag when you’re shopping.

  • Educate Yourself - Watch Netflix’s documentary BROKEN

** NOTE: Etsy just became the first global e-commerce company to offset all of its shipping emissions!! Etsy is working with 3 Degrees - a company that helps other companies address climate change.


  • Conscious Step socks with a purchase - every pair has a purpose! Pick from a cause that moves you.

  • Wild Minimalist is a fantastic Zero Waste Online Store.

  • National Parks shirts/sweatshirts that help protect our planet - Parks Project.

  • The Little Market - shop by a cause.

  • ABLE fashion - local and global, helping those in need.

  • Farm to Table but for your clothes, Male and Female Clothes - KOTN

  • The Best Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Stores for Men - found on EcoCult

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