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The Importance of Travel

Did you know that Americans take less vacation days than anywhere else in the World?

It's appalling that Americans are so work-obsessed and frankly it pisses me off.

I know we need to make a living, but we also need to LIVE!

You don't have to jet off to a remote island or backpack through SE Asia to go on vacation. It's a matter of taking time to recharge and spend time with friends and family.

I understand it's important to find joy in everyday moments, but any moment outside of our comfort zone and routine can enrich our lives and bring us joy. Some people don't like to travel (my best friend is one of those people) - that's fine because there are adventures close to home. You don't have to spend a lot to experience something new - go to a new restaurant, explore a new park, take a drive.

Real Simple wrote an article about how spending money on experiences makes you a better and more grateful person. “People tend to be more inspired to comment on their feelings of gratitude when they reflect on the trips they took, the venues they visited, or the meals they ate than when they reflect on the gadgets, furniture, or clothes they bought." We are not our possessions, but we are accumulation of our experiences.

10 reasons why travel is important to me:

  1. Broadens the mind and it can develop a person's character.

  2. Boosts creativity and inspires.

  3. Connects us with people.

  4. Educates about new places, culture, food and music!

  5. Slows us down, relieves anxiety and depression.

  6. Introduces us to diversity.

  7. Helps us face fears of the unknown.

  8. Discovery of oneself.

  9. Helps us break habits physically and mentally.

  10. Promotes joy and enthusiasm for life!


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