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Weekend in Palm Springs

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Before Palm Springs was #cool and trending for Coachella-going millennials, it used to be the playground for the stars! From Elvis to Marilyn Monroe to the Rat Pack - Palm Springs was a home away from home for the Hollywood elite. My grandma (*a wanna-be Marilyn) used to own a home in Palm Springs so I've grown to love the history and retro desert vibes from an early age.

For my So-Cal peeps, a weekend in #PalmSprings should be a no-brainer. And if you're planning to run away to the desert sun - I have some #tarastraveltips to share.

The Parker Palm Springs


My Top 5 Hotels:

  1. If you want to stay at a hotel with full on retro vibes - the Parker is the place, but it also comes with a price tag! It's become the new celebrity hot spot because wherever you turn there is an IG picture waiting to be taken.

  2. I personally rather stay at the Spanish-inspired La Serena Villas, as soon as I walked into the lobby, I adore this hotel. Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, it is walking distance/ or bike ride to the famous Palm Canyon Drive, where you will find the best restaurants, boutiques and galleries. San Jacinto Mountains are the backdrop for this luxury boutique hotel. Only 18 rooms - it is the ideal quiet escape.

  3. Korakia Pensione is a private sanctuary hotel modeled after Greek and Moroccan architecture. The New York Times has called the Korakia "One of the sexiest hotels in America.

  4. Colony Palms Hotel has been the desert's most iconic retreat since 1936 — Sinatra once even called it his home away from home.

  5. Want something more modern, newer to the scene? Look no further than Rowan, a Kimpton hotel. It's affordable, in the center of town, and has the only rooftop pool in Palm Springs.

A few more recommended hotels:

  1. Arrive

  2. Avalon

  3. Saguaro - fun hotel for pool parties and Splash House

  4. Ace - another fun hotel for pool parties and Splash House

  5. Sparrows Lodge - I haven't stayed here, but on my list to try!

Norma's at The Parker

My Top Restaurants:

*since I'm recommending a bunch, I'm not going to link them out - let google be your friend

  1. Azucar - obsessed, located in La Serena Villas

  2. Sugar High - cutest rooftop bar also in La Serana Villas

  3. Cheeky's Downtown - fantastic brunch spot, bacon flights that's all I have to say

  4. Palm Restaurants at the Colony Hotel

  5. Arrive Ice Cream Shop

  6. Chichi Restaurant at the Avalon

  7. Norma's at the Parker if you want to spend $30.00 for half a grapefruit, maybe just go for a drink at any of their dining establishments

  8. Las Casuelas - my fave Mexican restaurant, it's a good time

  9. The Sandwich Spot - try their bomb sauce and recommdned Federer sandwich

  10. Koffi for your morning coffee run & pastries - try the malted mocha freeze

A few More (I have't been to all of them, but they come recommended:

  1. Truss & Twine - craft cocktails and desert inspired menu

  2. Workshop Kitchen & Bar - new American eats in a former movie house

  3. Edge Steakhouse at the Ritz - supposed to be amazing!

  4. La Spiga

  5. Kobe

  6. Mastros


  1. Shopping Downtown or at the famous retro - Gypsyland store

  2. Palm Springs Aerial Tram

  3. Rest & Relax - soak up those rays

  4. Most hotels have bike rentals, which is a great way to cruise around town

  5. Golfing

  6. Spa-day

  7. Palm Springs Half-day trip to #SalvationMountain - an hour and 30 minute drive outside of Palm Springs. This landmark was made famous in the movie, "Into the Wild." It is deemed a National Folk Art Site.

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