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12 Road Trip Packing Essentials

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

  • Hopefully you've read my Road Trip Tips Blog Post - full of destination suggestions, itineraries and covid safety recommendations.

  • You've booked your airbnb, campsite, hotel or maybe you're renting or own your own van/RV/camper?

  • You’ve researched the route and you've planned your activites.

  • Now what do you pack?

Packing can be tough - so I’ve curated a list of items that I take on my road trips. I even included an item or two that could work for kids and/or pets . . .

1. Yeti Water Bottle keeps your liquids hot or cold for hours or a Camelbak, which I love, but more geared for my hikes.

2. Don't forget a Beach Towel or your favorite picnic Blanket, you never know where you may stop. I really like Pendleton.

4. Collapsible Dog Bowl for your 4 legged friends.

6. Roadside Emergency Kit and make sure you always have a spare tire.

7. Packing Cubes to organize items or an Over the Seat Organizer for kids.

8. Stashers to pack snacks, supplies, toiletries (I have all sizes and I'm obsessed) or round Snack Containers.

9. Travel Flatware, great for road trips, camping or work. I like that it comes in a case.

10. Your favorite pillow or a silk travel pillow.

11. Mesh Lumbar Support for those long road trips. I don't have this, but for long cross country road trips - it woudn't hurt.

12. Dopkit/Medicine Bag filled with essentials (mask, thermometer, advil, inhaler if you have it, gloves, sanitizer, personal meds, anti-acid, anti-diarrhea, pedialyte packs, bandaids, cortisone etc) and/or Pinch Provisions Road Trip Kit. I like to pack an emergency medical kit for any type of travel.

Happy Packing!!

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