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On the Road Again - Road Trip Tips

For many people - the Summer and the Holidays are times spent with loved ones (some may go on a family trip, girls trip or a friends vacation). With Covid-19 still here and going strong, traveling has become difficult, but not impossible. People are resorting to staycations and road trips as a way to escape and create a safe retreat.

Knowing how to plan a road trip right now isn’t easy. While previous road trips could be spontaneous with detours and road side stops, this year it’s all about planning. Road trips are generally lower risk, a socially distant method of transportation and the traveler has more control on where they stop and how clean the space.

Disclaimer: Obviously staying at home is the safest way to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting Covid-19, but if a respite from coronavirus induced cabin fever is what you are looking for - look no further for my tips and suggested trips . . .

This Blog Post Includes:

  1. Curated list of my pre-Covid road trip posts - linked out for you to explore.

  2. Safety tips on how to travel during a pandemic.

  3. A list of places you can research that are close to either LA or San Francisco.

Road Trip Blog Posts (Pre-Covid):

The below adventures are perfect for road trip travelers as long as you plan ahead and take precautions during this time. . .

  1. The Grand Circle Road Trip - one of my favorites! It’s one of the most famous National Park road trips in the country.

  2. Sedona and Valley of Fire

  3. Big Sur

  4. Palm Springs

  5. Sonoma Coast

  6. Glamping by the Russian River

  7. Joshua Tree

Safety Tips:

We know that the outdoors is typically safer, but still wear a mask and bring your sanitizer! Also don’t forget to keep a good distance. Below is a list of oher tips to try to stay safe. . .

  1. Consider testing yourself before you travel with family or friends outside of your immediate “bubble” - make sure to NOT go out or interact with people before your results are given. Always refer to your doctor.

  2. Check restrictions. No longer should road trips be spontaneous - you have to research and see if there are any federal, state or local restrictions. For example, you have to sign up for a Yosemite pass.

  3. Check to see if Covid numbers are high in the area you plan to visit. Is it worth it?

  4. My trips are suggested for car travel - I don’t recommend planes, trains or buses at this time. I know that may limit people from traveling, but it honestly is the safest way to travel right now. Yes, I know a few people that have traveled on a plane in the past 4 months, but is it worth the risk?

  5. Gas stops - use disinfecting wipes on handles and buttons before you touch them and if you don’t have wipes, at least sanitize yourself once you are done.

  6. Food stops can be avoided if you pack your own snacks and bring enough water!

  7. Bathroom breaks - wash your hands for 20 seconds afterwards and/or use the friendly outdoors if possible.

  8. Use contactless phone payments and credit cards versus cash.

  9. Always bring emergency meds - advil, ant-acids, anti-diarrhea etc. Create a little Covid Care bag of essentials - thermometers, gloves, wipes etc too.

  10. Avoid crowds.

  11. Airbnb has offered booking buffers in between guests, but once you’ve made it to your destination - open all windows and doors to air out the space for as long as you can. Wipe down remotes, door knobs, light switches, faucets and countertops too.

  12. I’d try to avoid hotels at this time too, which is painful, because I love hotels, but if you are opting for a hotel experience - call them to find out their safety protocol in advance. Any good hotel will be booked at a smaller capacity to avoid overcrowding. They should have lobby rules and they should be following social distance guidelines around the pool or in any restaurants or common areas.

  13. Eating at new restaurants is part of the traveling experience, which you still can do safely by ordering take-out or eat outside if you have to dine at a restaurant.

Road Trip Destinations:

I’ve got my work cut out for me - there are so many spots I’ve been to that I still need to write a post about. Below are suggested locations worth checking out (close to LA or SF. I did not include Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and many other beautiful road trip destination spots).

Please feel free to reach out for me to create a personalized road trip itinerary for you! A good starting point is researching a location based on how far you want to travel and then search for an airbnb or camping spot within your price range.

Northern California Spots . . .

1 - 2 Hours from the Bay Area:

  • Napa

  • Sonoma Coast

  • Healdsburg

  • Glen Ellen

  • Santa Cruz

  • Sausalito

  • Tamalpais

  • Muir Woods

2 - 3 Hours from the Bay Area:

3 - 5+ hours from the Bay Area:

  • Mendocino

  • Tahoe

  • Donner Lake

  • Truckee

  • Graeagle

  • Pine Mountain Lake

  • Yosemite

  • Willow Creek

  • Mammoth Lakes

  • Lassen Volcanic

  • Come on down to LA!

  • Lake Almanor 6+ hours north

Southern California Spots . . .

1 - 2 hours from LA:

  • Laguna Beach

  • Newport Beach

  • Santa Barbara

  • Catalina Island

  • Ojai

  • Lake Arrowhead

  • Lake Gregory

  • Pyramid Lake

  • Palos Verdes

  • Lake Piru

2 - 3 hours from LA:

3 - 5 hours from LA:

  • Pismo Beach

  • Sequoia National Forest

  • San Luis Obispo

  • Paso Robles

  • Cambria and Morro Bay

  • Kings Canyon

  • Death Valley

  • Pinnacles

  • Mammoth Lakes

Buckle Up and enjoy the Ride!

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