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A Day in DTLA

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

I've been living in LA collectively for 10 years . . . for the past 6 years I've been a professional planner for a Destination Management Company. My job as a local expert is to wine and dine clients, create fun activities and explore fun venues. My Bay to LA posts will cover fun outings, museums, restaurants and any special finds worth sharing.

I'll try to keep it to lists, links and pics since Lord knows our attention spans are short.

A grammer's dream #brunch starts at Chef Roy Choi's Commissary, a California American restaurant at the Line Hotel's second floor. Between the eclectic dishes, literally eating in a green house and fun cocktail names like,"Pimp's Cup" - it's a perfect spot to start your downtown adventure.

After brunch - head to LA's modern art museum, The Broad - it's still buzzing since it's opening in 2015. The building alone is stylish, sophisticated and a piece of art.

After feeling super artsy - stop over at Otium, right next door, for a late lunch, snack or cocktail. The restaurant feels like a beautiful art installation with indoor and outdoor spaces. It's worth a looksie.

[ picture from Otium ]

Everyone knows of the renowned Walt Disney Concert Hall, but did you know that there is a secret garden? The Blue Ribbon Garden is a quiet sanctuary in the middle of downtown madness on the second floor of the concert hall. Climb up the stairs for a new perspective and a few pics.

[ picture taken by Marc Scarioni ]

As you continue your down town art exploration - head over to The Last Bookstore. It's a drive from Walt Disney Concert Hall. Make sure to give yourself enough time because I could spend all day here! The store is California's largest used and new book and record store.

The perfect ending to any day is watching the sunset. So why not do it beneath the famous Hollywood sign? Instead of a strenuous hike, jump in the car and drive up Beachwood Drive. Drive through the neighborhood, following the white signs that say, Road Closed in 1 mile – Local Access Only. Park and walk through the white gate where you'll find yourself right below the sign. A picture perfect spot!

[ picture taken by Marc Scarioni ]

Once the sun sets - it's time for dinner! There are a plethora of fantastic restaurants (future blog to come), but I like to suggest something a little more unique, different from a formal restaurant, and it has a little bit of everything. The Grand Central Market. Diverse flavors and a vibrant atmosphere makes it a must-stop for locals and visitors. Make sure to stop at McConnell's Fine Ice Cream for a sweet treat. I'm not a "foodie," but Time Magazine argues that it is,"The Best Ice Cream in the World." Bon Appétit!

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