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Best Travel Gift Ideas

If you're anything like me, you wait until the last minute to shop for Christmas. So if you're still searching for gifts for the traveler in your family or looking for gift ideas to put on your own wish list - look no further!

I shifted through multiple travel guides and rounded up my favorite products for both men and women. . .


  1. Airbnb Gift Cards

  2. Skyhours - give and receive air travel on 350+ airlines!! Pick any destination in the world, find out how many skyhours it will take to get there and let everyone help you get there.

  3. Contribute to Carbotax - CarboTax is a revolutionary new program that allows you to pay a voluntary "carbon tax" to offset your climate impact and protect vitally important forest and marine ecosystems. It's time to a put price on carbon pollution, and you can help spread the word!

  4. Mr. and Mrs Smith Giftcard - book a room at some of the world's best boutique and luxory hotels


DJI Mavic Pro - $1,099

Apple Airpods - shouldn't we all have these already? -$159

Sandmarc Lens - $69 - 199


  1. Away Luggage is all the rage - $225 - 295

  2. Beis Travel Line is selling out fast - I'd personally love the weekender bag, dopp kit and cosmetic case - $28 - $78


  1. Beyond Yoga - I've tried a lot of yoga brands in my day and this one is so soft and wonderful. 100% recommend. - $128

  2. Allbirds Runners - light, breezy, cool and cute, conforms to the foot and keeps them cool and odor free. Machine Washable and Environment friendly with a low carbon footprint. - $95


  1. Allbirds Runners for Men - $95

  2. Que Water bottle - For every bottle purchased, $5 will be donated to the Rainforest Trust to fight deforestation and aid in protecting over 18 million acres of tropical forests. - $25


  1. Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips - $30

  2. To Shake the Sleeping Self - A memoir of adventure, struggle, and lessons learned while bicycling the 14,000 miles from Oregon to Patagonia. - $15

  3. The Best American Travel Writing 2018 - Everyone travels for different reasons, but whatever those reasons are, one thing is certain: they come back with stories. Each year, the best of those stories are collected in The Best American Travel Writing. - $11


  1. Shutterfly for personalized calendars, travel picture books etc.

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