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Go Go Travel Gadgets

I get super nerdy about #travelbags, #gadgets, #travelpillows etc - anything to make the travel experience easier and more fun! I plan to write another post specifically about backpacking, but below are some finds that I'm already adding to my wish list.

  • We are always plugged in; therefore, it is super important to travel with the right adapter. LOOP World Adapter Plug is awesome, one stop shop travel adapter!

  • Stay Connected - goTenna is inspired by rescue operations during hurricane Sandy, and it’s useful when you’re traveling to far-off places with bad reception.

  • Swell has developed a traveler line with beautiful new styles for the perfect sized water bottle. Or below try the Tap Bottle - a sleek more masculine alternative.

  • Airsspu Leakproof Travel Bottles Set is a perfect way to transport your shampoo, conditioner and lotions without having to check your bag.

  • I've read up on multiple kinds of travel pillows and the best rated one is Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven, Super Soft, Neck Support Travel Pillow.

  • Another good pillow for those head "nodders" - is Go Sleep - eye mask and pillow!

Serious Baggage:

  • Herschel Supply Company has set the Standard for all travel bags for men and women - suitcases, backpacks, wallets, travel cubes and more!

  • No more digging and dumping your cosmetics - The Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag is a perfect way to see all your cosmetics at once and it's an easy clean up.

  • Hardside luggage is all the rave, but I'm a fan of softside luggage in order to push down in tight places. The Swiss Gear Carry On is my go to carry on.

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