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Travel Necessities

I absolutely love travel products (e.g. #travelbags, #tinytoiletries, #travelgadgets). Of course it depends on where I'm headed, but I have a list of "must haves" that I pack for any adventure.

I'll re-visit #packingtips for specific destinations in future posts, but for any trip, I start with the necessities and then add personal items (e.g. clothing basics, footwear, toiletries). I try to avoid checking my bag, but it's not always possible.

For International travel - you obviously need your passport. I like to carry my passport, global entry card, credit cards etc in my passport wallet, which has a special film embedded that'll protect my documents from unauthorized RFID readers. It's a must or you can find a shield, which is cheaper and easier to stuff in your pocket. I can store copies of my hotel confirmations and tickets just to be safe too! For international travel - check if a visa is required before entry.

Travel Necessities:

  1. Besides my phone for pics - I bring my Canon Camera and if I'm lucky my brother, Marc Scarioni because he's my personal photographer. Don't forget the charger!

  2. Rav Power is a fantastic portable charger with a built in cable.

  3. Noise Canceling Headphones - Bose is the best!

  4. Melatonin because jet lag is real.

  5. Eye Drops.

  6. Advil - I've never not needed Advil on a trip.

  7. You never know when something won't sit right or when you've gone a little too hard at the local bar - pedialyte packets are a must to keep you hydrated.

  8. Journal - a new "must have" item. I wish I had written more years ago.

  9. Hand Sanitizer or Wipes - isn't this a no-brainer?

  10. This Secret Freshie is so easy to toss into a carry-on or purse.

  11. Moisturizer + SPF.

  12. Last but not least, it's all about facial sprays - a pick me up on the road. Guys may not admit it, but they need the spray too.


If you have space - throw in a book/kindle or game. You'll thank me during a flight delay or hanging out with friends.

Also, lets not forget a #travelspeaker - like my waterproof Wonderboom!

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